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Contract NameFile and LocationDescriptionMainnet
SSNListssnlist.scillaThe main contract that keeps track of Staked Seed Nodes aka SSNs, the delegators, the amount staked by a delegator with an SSN, and available rewards, etc.zil15lr86jwg937urdeayvtypvhy6pnp6d7p8n5z09
SSNListProxyproxy.scillaA proxy contract that sits on top of the SSNList contract. Any call to the SSNList contract must come from SSNListProxy. This contract facilitates upgradeability of the SSNList contract in case a bug is found.zil1v25at4s3eh9w34uqqhe3vdvfsvcwq6un3fupc2
Walletmultisig_wallet.scillaA multisig wallet contract tailored to work with the SSNListproxy contract. Certain transitions in the SSNListProxy contract can only be invoked when k-out-of-n users have agreed to do so. This logic is handled using the Wallet contract.zil1ur8ehr9qeqrgkgf3qj3ruv5dyt0w8nj53drvuz

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