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Community Scilla Cookbook

What is a Cookbook#

A programmers cookbook contains snippets of code to explain a concept to the reader. In our case, this is a Scilla and Scilla interactivity cookbook. The reader will find Scilla, Javascript and other snippets with a high level description.

The Community Scilla Cookbook is maintained by the community and is a reference for various Scilla related documents, contracts, howto's, tips and tricks. If you have found this documentation useful, consider contributing your knowledge.

How can I contribute to the Community Scilla Cookbook#

Join the Scilla development community on Discord and Telegram and get started discussing Zilliqa smart contract development!

Please ask any questions you have before raising a contribution and then follow the contribution section on the Github readme.

What can I expect from the Community Scilla Cookbook#

We abstract the development process into three distinct parts: contract development, blockchain interactions (Web3.0) and front-end implementation.

The Community Scilla Cookbook is interested in capturing as many unique recipes in Scilla, Javascript, GO and other supported SDK that do not duplicate existing text or examples. The Community Scilla Cookbook is interested in capturing relevant subject matter to related topics that answer many of the typical questions a Scilla developer will have.

Community Scilla Cookbook terminology#

RecipesBuilding blocks of smart contract development and contract interaction with code snippets.
Side KnowledgeRelated blockchain information for developers.
TutorialsStep-by-step walkthroughs of the basics of contract development and contract interaction