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One unit of ZIL as a native token is equal to 1000000000000 QA. (1 ZIL = 10^12 QA). When we deal with ZIL as a unit in Scilla, it is represented as an `Uint128`. The below example shows how to accept/send funds to/from a smart contract.

Fungible token

Fungible tokens are an open standard for creating currencies. Fungibility is the property of goods or commodities whose individual units are essentially interchangeable, and each of its parts is indistinguishable from another part. An example is 1 ZIL can be traded for an equal value of 1 ZIL.

Non-fungible token

A fungible token is unit of currency that can be readily interchanged, it has properties like fiat where 1 unit of currency is equal to 1 unit of the same currency.