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zilliqa-js quickstart

Getting started#

You will need Node and NPM installed on your machine for this guide.

Read the repo readme to get started with npm installing zilliqa-js to your local repo.

Create a burner testing wallet and fund it with tokens from the faucet.


Do not publish your private key as a git artefact, the wallet is at risk.


Use a .env file and add it to your .gitignore

HelloWorld Interaction Example#

Review the documentation from the examples repo for zilliqa-js

Call a specific example by installing the dependencies and invoking the example command.

In this example we are calling the transition setHello with on the HelloWorld contract with one vname called msg which has the value newMsg the contract is at address zil1v6tjt9s0nua80tvvays5m2g763npxgkez0gnnq on the dev-api testnet.

transition setHello (msg : String)
git clone Zilliqa/Zilliqa-JavaScript-Library-Examples .cd Zilliqa-JavaScript-Library-Examplescd nodenpm inode helloWorld.js
// Import zilliqa-jsconst { BN, Long, bytes, units } = require('@zilliqa-js/util');const { Zilliqa } = require('@zilliqa-js/zilliqa');const {  toBech32Address,  getAddressFromPrivateKey,} = require('@zilliqa-js/crypto');
// What network to connect onconst zilliqa = new Zilliqa('');
// These are set by the core protocol, and may vary per-chain and network.// For more information: chainId = 333; // chainId of the developer testnetconst msgVersion = 1; // current msgVersionconst VERSION = bytes.pack(chainId, msgVersion);
// Populate the wallet with an accountconst privateKey =  'deb5c896228f8515146aa16f94a558ba14e52d8496b4b267b2d59cd9036f39a6';
const address = getAddressFromPrivateKey(privateKey);console.log(`My account address is: ${address}`);console.log(`My account bech32 address is: ${toBech32Address(address)}`);
async function testBlockchain() {  try {    // Get Balance    const balance = await zilliqa.blockchain.getBalance(address);    // Get Minimum Gas Price from blockchain    const minGasPrice = await zilliqa.blockchain.getMinimumGasPrice();
    console.log(`Your account balance is:`);    console.log(balance.result);    console.log(`Current Minimum Gas Price: ${minGasPrice.result}`);    const myGasPrice = units.toQa('2000', units.Units.Li); // Gas Price that will be used by all transactions    console.log(`My Gas Price ${myGasPrice.toString()}`);    const isGasSufficient = myGasPrice.gte(new BN(minGasPrice.result)); // Checks if your gas price is less than the minimum gas price    console.log(`Is the gas price sufficient? ${isGasSufficient}`);
    const deployedContract =      'zil1v6tjt9s0nua80tvvays5m2g763npxgkez0gnnq',    );
    // Create a new timebased message and call setHello    // Also notice here we have a default function parameter named toDs as mentioned above.    // For calling a smart contract, any transaction can be processed in the DS but not every transaction can be processed in the shards.    // For those transactions are involved in chain call, the value of toDs should always be true.    // If a transaction of contract invocation is sent to a shard and if the shard is not allowed to process it, then the transaction will be dropped.    const newMsg = 'Hello, the time is ' +;    console.log('Calling setHello transition with msg: ' + newMsg);    const callTx = await deployedContract.callWithoutConfirm(      'setHello',      [        {          vname: 'msg',          type: 'String',          value: newMsg,        },      ],      {        // amount, gasPrice and gasLimit must be explicitly provided        version: VERSION,        amount: new BN(0),        gasPrice: myGasPrice,        gasLimit: Long.fromNumber(8000),      },      false,    );
    // process confirm    console.log(`The transaction id is:`,;    console.log(`Waiting transaction be confirmed`);    const confirmedTxn = await callTx.confirm(;
    console.log(`The transaction status is:`);    console.log(confirmedTxn.receipt);    if (confirmedTxn.receipt.success === true) {      console.log(`Contract address is: ${deployedContract.address}`);    }  } catch (err) {    console.log(err);  }}

To which, the console will respond with.

My account address is: 0x8254b2C9aCdf181d5d6796d63320fBb20D4Edd12My account bech32 address is: zil1sf2t9jdvmuvp6ht8jmtrxg8mkgx5ahgj6h833r
Your account balance is:{ balance: '10722145999990000', nonce: 1468 }
Current Minimum Gas Price: 2000000000My Gas Price 2000000000Is the gas price sufficient? true
Sending a payment transaction to the network...
The transaction id is: 035a2ae08d0b4d12f31ee6c0315d91b4bb9150c1f078fc88e0ee3b5640f2d318
The transaction status is:{ cumulative_gas: 50, epoch_num: '3129050', success: true }
Deploying a new contract....Deployment Transaction ID: 6a67c5d1fb65f7fae9c02ee81b37fb5855bbfd3d17d163a908bb5f667419d1df
Deployment Transaction Receipt:{ cumulative_gas: 482, epoch_num: '3129052', success: true }The contract address is:0xD1F5c962F1c6A77253BFD799B3472D05de414ae2
Calling setHello transition with msg: Hello, the time is 1629086853792{    "accepted": false,    "cumulative_gas": 357,    "epoch_num": "3129054",    "event_logs": [        {            "_eventname": "setHello()",            "address": "0xd1f5c962f1c6a77253bfd799b3472d05de414ae2",            "params": [                {                    "type": "Int32",                    "value": "2",                    "vname": "code"                }            ]        }    ],    "success": true}
Getting contract state...The state of the contract is:{    "_balance": "0",    "welcome_msg": "Hello, the time is 1629086853792"}

Address Interaction#

const { toBech32Address, toChecksumAddress } = require('@zilliqa-js/crypto');
// not checksummed address (will not be accepted by blockchain)const address = '573EC96638C8BB1C386394602E1460634F02ADDA';
// checksummed ByStr20const checksummedAddresses = toChecksumAddress(address);// returns '0x573EC96638C8bB1c386394602E1460634F02aDdA'
const bech32_address = toBech32Address(address);// returns zil12ulvje3ceza3cwrrj3szu9rqvd8s9tw69c978p

Example Interaction Scripts#

//shows the javascript required to call a specific transitionnode callContract.js
// shows the javascript required to create a list of signed batch transactionsnode createBatchTransaction.js
//shows the javascript required to create a list of batch transactions with correct noncenode createBatchTransactionWithoutConfirm.js
//shows the javascript required to post a raw transactioncreateTransactionRaw.js
//shows the javascript required to deploy a contractdeployContract.js
//shows the javascript required to return all the particular transactions that happened for a particular blockgetTxnBodiesForTxBlock.js
//shows the javascript required to interact with the helloWorld tutorial scillahelloWorld.js
//shows the javascript required to listen for eventsnewEventLogSubscriptions.js
//shows the javascript required to listen for new block eventsnewTxBlockSubscriptions.js
//shows the javascript required to query init params, or state params including mapsqueryState.js
//get a particular transaction from a given transaction hashqueryTransaction.js
//get the status of a particular transaction from a given transaction hashqueryTransactionStatus.js
//shows the javascript required to sign a unsigned batch transactionsignBatchTransaction.js
//shows examples of offline and online signswalletSign.js

zilliqa-js Interaction Examples#

zilliqa-js Examples#

zilliqa-js Example Interaction

TheDrBee contract Interactions#

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Zilpay Repositories#

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